School Wide Curriculum:

Common Core Based Reading Instruction

English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core Standards

District Adopted '"My Math" (New 2013-14)


Math Common Core Standards

Standards Based Social Studies and Science

Social Studies and Science Standards

Health Standards

Foreign Language (K-2):  SALSA Video Series (Spanish K - 2)

Bully Proofing Building Wide Program



Special Education Model of Delivery: 


Response to Intervention (RtI) Model

Primary and Intermediate Inclusion Support and Resource Classes

Primary and Intermediate Functional Life Skills Classes


Common Core Based Reading Instruction

 You can expect to see…

How can YOU help?

My Math

You can expect to see…
            …an instructional approach that studies concepts in units;

How can YOU help?


Bully-Proofing Your School (BPYS) is a nationally recognized school safety program, implemented in school districts throughout the United States and Canada, with a scientifically proven track record since its inception in 1992. BPYS is a critical element in the creation of safe, civil and caring school culture that, in turn, promotes student attachment to school, attendance at school and achievement in school.

Bully-Proofing Your School is a comprehensive program for handling bully/victim problems through the creation of a “caring majority” of students who take the lead in establishing and maintaining a safe and caring school community. The program focuses on converting the silent majority of students into a caring majority by teaching strategies that help them to avoid victimization and to take a stand for a bully-free school.