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2017 - 2018 School Year Starts: Tuesday, September 5th

Back to School Night at Cottonwood is Thursday, August 31 from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 5 is the First Day of School

8:45 a.m. School Starts

3:35 p.m. School is Dismissed


Casper, Wyoming - Natrona County School District


Our Vision

Cottonwood School exists to create responsible, independent students who have the knowledge and attitude to be successful in an ever-changing world.

Our Mission

The heart of Cottonwood Elementary is to create a caring community of learners through relationships, relevance, and rigor; one student at a time.

Our 2016 Motto:  We are better together!

School Hours:

8:00 a.m. Playground opens with Supervision.
8:10-8:25 a.m. Breakfast is served in the Cafeteria.
8:45 a.m. First Bell Rings
8:50 a.m. Tardy Bell Rings – All Classes Begin
8:45 a.m. Morning Preschool begins
11:30 – 12:10 p.m. First Lunch – 2nd and 4th
12:00 – 12:40 p.m. Second Lunch – 1st and 3rd
11:30 a.m. Morning Preschool Dismissed
12:30 – 1:10 p.m. Third Lunch – Kindergarten and 5th
12:45 p.m. Afternoon Preschool begins
3:30 p.m. Afternoon Preschool is dismissed
3:30 p.m. All Classes Dismissed

3:30 – 5:00 p.m. Our Cottonwood Playground will be closed during this time.
Students should report to the bus stop, to parents for pick-up or head home when
school is dismissed. After hours care is available at Mills Elementary through the
Boys' and Girls' Club.

Students who do not ride buses should walk home or be picked up at 3:30 p.m. daily.

Link to: Parent Handbook and Comprehensive Plan


Click HERE for the Cottonwood Community Calendar

Planning Ahead:

Aug. 31st - Back to School Night from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

Sept. 4 - Labor Day

Sept. 5 - First Day of School for 2017-20018

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Infinite Campus Update

There is an update to the Student/Parent App.   A district ID is no longer required!  When the app is launched you just have to type in "Natrona" and choose Wyoming and then it will find our district (twice) it doesn't seem to matter which one you choose.  Next the user will be prompted to enter their username and password.   The iOS app is 3.0.9. For android it is 2.5.4

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Cottonwood Principal's Honor Roll

Bentley Abegglen, Skielynn Bouissey, Serenna Braegger, Madison Diehr, Katelyn Haid, Brandon Hodges, Kyra Lord, Nathaniel Naegle, Christian Reynolds, Devin Strohecker, Pyper Waldrop, Bruce West, Addelee Whiteaker, Alamea Wimmer, Kemarien Young, Kevin Aleman, Tenton Brimmer, Hunter Day, Moira Henley, Jillian Jenkins-Niendorf, Leeanne Langmade, Keira Reinsbach, Rilla Reiter, Peyton Schamber, Ty Thomas, Harlee Schamber.

Wildcat Honor Roll

Davin Chaves, Nuvia Cuartas, Myia Downing, Vincent Feronti, Lola Ham, Kathryn Huber, Ismael Mora Carrazco, Kathrine Noguera, Trystin Pearce, Serena Simpson, Ashus Story, James Stovall, Allee Swiger, Jenavieve Wilkison, Taylor Williams, Logan Bullock, Logan Dunham, Ali Hoard, Lencia Johnson, Savannah Lookingbill, Quentin Lopez, Alyssa Lye, Maryjane Maxon, Valeria Reyes, Rowan Rimmer, Jaydin Soester, E.J. Spears, Brynn Stevens, Kaelyn Terminie, Malakai Trigg, Rhys Bray, Jordyn Gosnell-Haught, Terren Jacobsen, Breyden Martinson, Jael Reyes, Jacob Stevens, Aimee Swiger, Avery Whiteaker.

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POWER of an HOUR!!!

Please set up a time with your child's teacher to come in and observe for an hour in the classroom.

This is a great opportunity to see your child in his/her learning environment.

Here’s how...

Call or email your child’s teacher today!!  Our teachers can be reached at 253-4700 or by using his or her first and last name in the following email address.  <firstname_lastname@natronaschools.org>  We can’t wait to see you!!!

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Support Team Cottonwood and

let the world see you roar!!!!

Cottonwood Wildcats


Window Cling

Cling Proof

$2.00 Purchase in the front office.



Short sleeve T-shirt

Youth - $8.00
Adult - $ 12.00
Blue - Gray – Black

Long sleeve T-shirt

Youth - $10.00
Adult - $15.00
Blue - Gray – Black


Youth $20.00
Adult  $ 25.00
Blue - Gray - Black

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Bully Proofing at Cottonwood

Please remind your child of these helpful tips:

1. Say "Please Stop"
2. Use the avoid strategy if "Please Stop "is not working
3. If you are the person who needs to stop, do it immediately.
4. Include ALL students in ALL activities
5. Don't be a` "Good Victim"  (Crying, whining, getting mad, etc.)
6. When/If a student comes up crying be sure to ask them "How did you try and solve the problem??"

Cottonwood Cares

Part of the Bully-Proofing incorporates a portion called:
Caring Community
This Caring Community is created in each classroom by recognizing and celebrating the
students who are ALWAYS showing character traits that are honorable. Each class will create a
list of character traits that they believe to be important for people who are leaders in our
school. Traits such as
We will start the Caring Community by talking about these traits, and then secretly voting who
we think is the most caring person in the class. We will recognize the person who has been
nominated by praising specific times this child has demonstrated caring actions. The next
week, people who are in the caring community will talk about who to nominate next. This caring
community aspect will focus only on caring character traits, and people who are ALWAYS acting
in a caring way. Since we will be focusing on children who are always caring, some children may
not be nominated right away. Some children may not be nominated at all.
Cottonwood community members are trying to shift the praise and attention to the children
who are always doing the right thing, and making good choices. The Caring Community will also
get to participate in random rewards such as a popcorn party, or a movie, or a dance party in
the gym, or extra recess etc. If your child is in the caring community they will be rewarded, and
if your child is not in the caring community, they will stay behind and continue with their regular
classroom routines. The hope is that each student will start to realize the importance of
making good choices, and being kind to one another in order to be productive members of society.


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Cottonwood Wildcats
Behavior Standards

Organized and Prepared


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Get AMPE’d “Be YOUR Best!

Cottonwood Elementary Art, Music, and PE Newsletter


Art with Miss Brown

“Creativity takes courage.” - Henri Matisse

I believe the fine and performing arts show students a new perspective.  They have the opportunity to learn about new cultures, discover new techniques, and develop a new appreciation for the arts.  I hope to show my students art in a new light and I am confident they will carry this knowledge and admiration with them for the rest of their lives.
school email: staylee_brown@natronaschools.org

P.E. with Mrs. Colling

“Activate your Body and Brain”

I am so excited for this year at Cottonwood and Bar Nunn! The following is some important information for PE class...

** My goal is to promote a positive learning environment that meets the needs and abilities of every student and encourages them to maintain a physically active lifestyle.

**I will be sending home a monthly fitness calendar. If students, and families, complete each activity for each day, parents sign the completed calendar, and students can bring the completed calendar back for a prize.

**Field Trips: 3rd grade will go Ice Skating, 4th grade will participate in Biathlon, and 5th grade will be snowboarding/downhill skiing. These field trips range from $15-$30.

**Please send students with appropriate PE shoes for them to be successful in all of our activities.

Research has proven that exercise builds brain health! From memory function, concentration, focus, and even depression! So get outside, BE ACTIVE, and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

Link for Monthly Physical Activity Calendar


Music with Mrs. Reinsbach

Play - Create - Perform - Repeat

I can’t wait to get started with another year at Cottonwood and Bar Nunn!   Here are some brief musical notes and expectations for the year.

  • Ms. Joan Davies will be joining me again this year as the Kindergarten music teacher as well as Mondays for 5th grade general music.  We both will also have the privilege to mentor students teachers from UW in the spring.

  • 5th graders will once again get to choose between band, strings, or general music.  More information will be sent home during the first two weeks.

  • 4th grade and 2nd grade will be performing this year for the public.  Other grades will have in-class performances throughout the year that we will share through technology.

  • Yes, there will be choir!  Keep checking my Facebook page and website for sign-up information, days, and times.  I will also be leading a technology club one day a week.

Be Kind - Be Your Best - Be Part of the Team

Always strive to be better than yesterday

M - Make wise choices

U - Use the equipment correctly

S - Speak, sing, and play only when asked

I - Involve yourself in all activities

C - Cooperate and care for each other

Link for Mrs. Reinsbach's Site


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Cottonwood Five- Year Strategic Plan

Goal 1: By May of 2019, 100% of our students will meet or exceed the expectations on the Wyoming School Accountability model in reading as measured by PAWS results.
Strategy 1: Implement Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum aligned to state reading standards.

Strategy 2: Close the achievement gap for students not at grade level through schoolwide
interventions (inclusion and tutoring) in reading.

Goal 2: By May of 2019, 100% of our students will meet or exceed the expectations on
the Wyoming School Accountability model in math as measured by PAWS results.
Strategy 1: Implement Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum aligned to state mathematics

Strategy 2: Close the achievement gap for students not at grade level through schoolwide
interventions (inclusion and tutoring).

Goal 3: Safe and Healthy Environment
By 2019, Cottonwood will achieve an overall stakeholder satisfaction rating of 80% or
higher from annual climate or engagement surveys of students, parents and staff.
Strategy 1: Create and implement a Crisis Management Plan for a safe and health
school environment and ensures compliance to district, state and federal regulations.
Strategy 2: Increase parent involvement and participation in student learning.


A Message from the CW Library…

If students would like a public library card please have them stop by the Cottonwood Library.
Ms. Tower has juvenile patron registration forms available and will help kids get cards if the forms are returned completely filled out.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact me OR the public library. 237-4935

Karen Tower @ Cottonwood Library

Please remember that reading 20 minutes each evening helps our students be excellent readers. 

We appreciate family support in helping our students grow!!!


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Arrival and Dismissal Times and Policies

We are very interested in the safety of your child(ren). We want to provide
appropriate supervision for them. Each elementary school is limited in the amount of playground supervision it can have.
Our playground supervision begins at 8:00 a.m.

Breakfast will be served from 8:15 – 8:30 a.m. Students should enter the cafeteria doors for breakfast. Supervision is
not available before 8:00 a.m. and doors will not be open until 8:00 a.m.

School Board Policy States:
"Children should not be sent to school to arrive more than 15 minutes before the first bell."

Our first bell rings at 8:35 a.m., but we do have supervision on the playground at 8:00 a.m. Students should also plan to exit the school grounds after 3:35 p.m. Various clubs may be available after school; however, they are not held every day, so watch for details in our Wildcat Weekly. Students should report to the bus stop or to parents for pick-up or head home when school is dismissed, as our playground is closed from 3:35 to 5:00 p.m. week days. Unfortunately, we do not have supervision during those times. Please help us with the safety of all children by NOT ALLOWING your child(ren) to be at school before or after the assigned times. Thank you so much for your help!

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PARKING at Cottonwood

Cottonwood has very specific parking lots for students/families and staff. There are also areas that parents must not enter before or after school because of our busses. It is my hope to clarify any questions or concerns you might have about these areas.

Bus Areas: The parking space in the front of the school is for busses ONLY before and after school. There is also a bus lane that is between the two parking lots on the west side of the building. This too is ONLY for busses before and after school.

Student Drop Off: and Pick Up Lot: This parking lot is on the west front side of the building. It is the parking lot you can access only from 15th street. When pulling into this parking lot please pull into a parking space and have your child exit from there. The lot gets backed up quickly when parents are dropping off by the school doors and not in a parking space.

Staff Parking: Cottonwood has over 70 staff members working in our building. It is very important for them to have a parking space when they come to work. The staff parking lot is on the west side of the school at the rear of the school. This lot is only accessed from Cottonwood Street. Please do not park in this parking lot before, during or after school.

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We love volunteers at Cottonwood.  We know that a positive relationship between school and home helps children grow both academically and socially.  Our school district policy requires that volunteers in our schools must be fingerprinted.  The NCSD#1 Human Resources Office at 970 N. Glenn Rd. will fingerprint volunteers at no charge (call 253-5455 for an appointment).  Once volunteers have been fingerprinted they will be given a card to carry with them.  School principals must sign the cards.  We will keep a copy of the signed card on file for you.  When you volunteer inside the school, on the playground or on field trips, you must carry the card with you.  Volunteers who were fingerprinted last year do not need to be fingerprinted again. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call the office.



We do require ALL visitors to our school to use the front door, stop in the office, sign in and get a visitor's badge to wear while inside the school or on school grounds during school hours. This is for the safety of all of our students. IF you would like to visit a classroom, we ask that you make arrangements with the teacher prior to your visit. Parents waiting for their child(ren) to be dismissed will be asked
to wait outside of the school. The staff at Cottonwood is here to serve you in any way that we can. Please feel free to discuss questions or concerns with your child's teacher or the principal. We ask that you call to set up an appointment to visit so that instructional time is not disturbed. We realize the importance of a close working relationship between school and home. Your child(ren) will benefit from this. The staff looks forward to a pleasant partnership in providing a great education for your child(ren).

We Read

Literacy Program for K-3rd Grade Students in Natrona County!

We Read, a program established to promote the importance of early childhood literacy in Natrona County, the website, http://www.wereadnatrona.com/, is geared towards K-3 grade students, parents, teachers, and librarians. The website hosts a variety of FREE literacy activities and resources all aimed at creating a fun literacy experience. 

For students,/ provides an electronic version of present and past issues of My Trib,- the free weekly kids’ magazine published by the We Read program. The website also has literacy games and puzzles, 100 books by category, activities that correlate with the free books students receive at school through the We Read program, and more. 

For parents, hosts literacy resources including a literacy events calendar, 100 books to read with their child before they reach kindergarten, information on how to teach their child to read, and more!  

We Read” s a partnership among the Natrona County School District, the Natrona County Public Library and the Casper Star-Tribune, supported by local businesses. Its aim is to promote and support literacy as a community-wide value and reading as an important, multiage, mentoring activity. As part of the We Read program, every month of the year, including over summer, every Natrona County student in grades K-3 receives a new, free, age-appropriate book. In addition, every week, We Read delivers a package to every household in Natrona County consisting of a current issue of the Casper Star-Tribune, the weekly Casper Journal and a copy of My Trib, the weekly free kids’ magazine. 

For more information,

170 Star Lane
PO Box 80
Casper, WY 82602
Phone: (307) 266-0504

Other Contacts
Natrona County Public Library: (307) 577-READ
Natrona County School District: (307) 253-5370

Our School Song
Wildcat Roar

R - Respectful - We are respectful

O - oh, oh we are Organized and prepared

A - Accepting - We accept each other and can be ourselves

R - Responsible wherever we go

S - We will keep each other Safe.

Work together, play together, learn together. Wildcats!

Work together, play together, learn together. Wildcats!

Cottonwood Wildcats ROAR!!!!!

Written by: Krista Reinsbach, Cottonwood Music Teacher



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